About Us

At gFinity Technology Group, our mission is to power organizations with insightful solutions that protect your business and drive business success. That’s why we developed our Revenue Share Incentive Program.

With gFinity’s Revenue Share Incentive Program, your organization can earn:

  • Revenue for each new location or client you refer, who become a client of gFinity
  • Ongoing residual revenue payments on the services you buy today
  • Use the revenue for your favorite charity, credit it back to your clients or reinvest in your business

The right business solutions, right here.

You need to be a faster and more responsive business, today and tomorrow, and gFinity has the solutions to get you there. Together, we’ll get the job done. For more information or to send us a referral, contact info@gfinity.com or call 216.800.4180 for immediate assistance.

Warmest regards,

Amy Palmer
CEO & Founder