About Us

What does it take to be FIRST, in our world of having to constantly adapt to ever-changing customer expectations, modern Millennial workforce and cyberattacks that never stop?

gFinity believes that in order to be FIRST, organizations need to be able to ACT SMARTER & RESPOND FASTER.

At gFinity, we understand the complexity of communications, and we have the cloud-based communications to help enhance the customer experience and protect your business from natural disasters and cyberattacks that are relentless, smarter than ever, and expensive.

Our Promise to You

  • Team Approach: When you engage with our brands, you get more than a sales rep. You get a team of engineers and experts who guide you thought the entire process from research, sourcing and deployment.
  • Communication Experts: Our team is consistently reviewing and improving cloud-based technologies to deliver reliable and secure communications at the best price, accurately, and on time.
  • History of Success: Our family has been in the security business since 1833. ELC was at one time the largest trunk & cabinet lock maker in the world and was at the forefront of padlock security in its time.

I invite you to contact me at info@gfinity.com or call 216.800.4180 for help moving your communications to the cloud.

Warm regards,

Amy Palmer
CEO & Founder